The International Real Estate Investment is an Art and it is the Art of this Century.

Our international real estate firm deals with advising clients on international real estate transactions with the aim of generating great returns for both partners and investors. The investment advisory firm was established back in 2000 by two UK investors, Jim & Bob. These investors had a background in law and real estate. At that time, its headquarters was in London, which gave the firm an opportunity to work closely with other financial firms to develop finance and insurance products that were desirable to the institutions’ capital market investors. We also developed Shari’ah compliant product with our Dubai based partner Capitas.

Our mandate is to focus on initiatives that are strategically important to the housing sectors and the SME. Our international real estate firm uses pragmatic and holistic approaches which are based on our experience of establishing and managing several specialty firms as well as working with government and private institutions.



Investment Advisory Firm

  The investment advisory firm’s capabilities span to a wide range of multi-disciplinary functions that include marketing, project development, operations, and technology. To achieve success, the firm applies diversified yet disciplined approach while working with its partners in UK, Australia, and Dubai with the aim of identifying, assessing, and overseeing unique international investment opportunities. Real Estate Century mostly focuses on opportunities in Europe and the United States.

Additionally, the firm manages to draw direct access to real estate transactions through leveraging their asset managers, large network of property owners, and operators throughout the US and Europe. Optimizing the deal sourcing process has been beneficial in that the firm has managed to develop efficiencies that result in massive financial returns.

Most importantly, Real Estate Century focuses on serving the interest of their capital partners by playing the role of asset management advisor, contemporary risk management, monitoring asset performance, and monitoring market trends while at the same time helping in key decision making on matters related to asset/portfolio level depositions and operational plans.

The Art of This Century (Real Estate Century) has successfully managed to complete several projects in the UK and US as well as being entrusted with the development and launching of financing companies in the region. In addition, it has played a major role in the provision of finance to small and medium sized developers and homebuyers. All this success has been the result of applying market-driven expertise that helps the international real estate firm come up with tailored investment structures that meet the demands of each investor.

Additionally, the company employs experienced investments experts who take every transaction through rigorous screening process to enable match with the current and future trends in the market. Doing this enables the firm to help their capital investors in engaging in profitable opportunities that display solid real estate fundamentals that rhyme with the company’s investment objectives. Talk to these experts today. You will not regret it. They are your ticket to successful international real estate investment.